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Revel is synonym for celebration, which is where our beginning comes from. Our story begins a few years ago, when our founder sat at a party with her favorite blue light glasses and felt the soft palm of her favorite person next to her, with which she is still together today. Because in this event when the boy kissed her awkwardly, he bumped into her sunglasses and sundenly they both burst into laughter. And still for a few months after, they laughed at the memory of this event. Every year on their anniversary, they put on their favorite glasses and celebrated an event that forever connected them. And so came the idea of Revel or celebration, which means memory of important events. Reveling our successes and acknowledging personal growth helps us keep on track and motivates us towards our goals. So why shouldn’t this motivation be associated with our glasses, with which we can feel more free, beautiful and important. Regardless of whether you have achieved something concrete or not, or even if you think you have failed, we want you to get what you can, out of every experience and celebrate your progress along your own path. And that celebration or Revel can be with our blue light glasses Revelons. With them we inspire you to Revel, and for that reason we offer you different shapes, colors and sizes of glasses. In order for each of you to find yourself somewhere in our story, we have made the glasses high quality and affordable. With them, you can celebrate important events in your life, accompanied by your favorite Revelons blue light glasses. Have you ever wondered why you would pay 100€ + for Blue Light glasses? Never again! You are in the right place.

In case you are completely new to our page, we ofer you a satisfaction guarantee (free exchange or refund of the purchase price within 14 days), because your satisfaction comes first!

We look forward to any feedback on your purchase and at the same time thank you for trusting us and being a part of our story. <3

P.s. Remember .. investing in healthy eyes is never regretted.

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